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In today's competitive world, a good first impression is vital to the longevity and success of your business. Presenting your product using professional, beautiful imagery is an essential part of any marketing strategy. Our design team stands ready to work collaboratively with you to create eye-catching, scroll- stopping visuals that put your brand ahead of your competitors. At Prysmal, we offer graphic design services including, but not limited to Logos, Print Design, Advertising, Business Cards and Web Graphics. Work with us today to create inspired, effective, beautiful visual work for your brand!

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Logos & Branding

What do Instagram, Whatsapp and Apple have in common? Logos that speak their brand without, well... words. Let’s help you create those timeless, unforgettable logos that speak YOUR brand!

Infographics Design

Represent your company’s new process, opening and closing hours or any information, visually, in a way that is 30 times more likely to be read than just plain text.

Print Design

Brochures, Invitations, Flyers, you name it - we design it. Communicate your message in the way customers want to receive it; simply, visually... effectively!


Need an advert created? Looking to get your business noticed? We can help with that. We create designs that add that extra "wow!" factor to your marketing strategy!

Business Cards & Letterheads

Corporate Identity is important for businesses. We design business cards & letterheads that add that layer of sleek professionalism to your brand. Put some respect on your name!

Presentation Design

We can make your business presentation more insightful, impactful and visually compelling. We’ll leave the content to you, if you leave the visuals to us!

Web Graphics

What is a website without beautiful icons and images? Well, it's most likely on page 10 of Google. Escape from the land of the unsearchable, with creative visuals that will make your site pop and increase your website's traffic and overall engagement.

Packaging Design

Whether they admit it or not, people do judge books by their cover. Let's make sure your book, or product package is judged well! Our creative team is ready to deliver impressionable designs that ensures that your customers not only look at your products, but pick up and buy!


Let's Work Together


Looking to rebrand or starting from the ground up? Discover a new side to your company by working together with us. Our creative, innovative branding and graphic design team is here to guide you through the process.