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Taking your audio from ordinary, to giving it that wow factor is what we do! A poor mix can completely ruin a song, but a great mix can win you a Grammy! At Prysmal, we are experts at seeing and 'hearing' what your audio project needs. We also have the skills and tools necessary to bring your concept into a reality. Work with us on your next audio project and let’s get your record polished and ready for the world to listen to!

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Vocal Production

Tune your vocals to perfection, add subtle vocal layers and harmony that make your sound pop!


Our audio mixing services include stereo mixes of single track as well as complete music and vocal productions. Our engineers take pride in providing our clients with high quality records with fast turnaround times.


Get that extra color and volume balance in your final audio record; Our mastering services focuses on bringing out that extra detail in the mix and brings the final version up to radio-ready quality.


Featured Projects


Below are examples of before and after mixing and mastering at Prysmal. We suggest listening with a good pair of headphones or reference monitors to best hear the subtle differences.

Mixed Projects
Mastered Projects

Our Plans

Choose the plan that best suits your requirements, from our affordable package deals below!

    • Mixing

      Dotted Separator
      $ 200
      • Up To 3 Revisions
      • Track Clean-up
      • Melodyne & Auto-Tune Vocal Correction
      • Balancing Each Individual Track's Volume
      • Separation Of Each Musical Element
      • Spatial Placement of Instruments
      • Addition of Effects To Enhance Sound
      • Volume, Pan, Effects, and Master Bus Automation
      • Stereo or Mono Bounce of Final Mix
    • Mastering

      Dotted Separator
      $ 50
      • Up To 3 Revisions
      • Noise Reduction
      • Equalization
      • Tube Compression
      • Peak Limiting
      • Stereo Widening
      • Bass Enhancement
      • Maximization
      • Dynamic Expansion
      • Fades/Crossfades
      • Streaming & Broadcast Loudness Standards

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Ready to get your next big record polished and ready for the world to listen to? Our team of audio engineers are here to walk you through the process.