Prysmal is a creative digital media & marketing agency, based in the sweet twin island republic of Trinidad & Tobago, that provides creative, strategic and technical development of screen-based products and services and the service of catering for our customer's digital media demands. Whether it is Graphic Design, Photography, Web Development, Music Production or Audio Engineering, we ensure customer satisfaction, coupled with a standard of quality that surpasses competition. What separates us from the rest is the expansive array and integration of services that we offer, all of which are maintained at a high standard. The basis of operations stems from the vision to raise the standard of the digital media industry by providing an economical, effective and quality solution to meet and beat the expectations of clients.

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About Us


Our Mission

At Prysmal, our mission is to deliver high-quality content, dynamic engagement with clients, fast response times and ultimately to delight our customers and surpass our competition in everything we do. We aim on capitalizing on the current digital revolution, gaining that technological step ahead of our competitors to provide quality content that is as beautiful as it is effective. We believe that the secret to achieving this, is by offering all forms of digital media services under one roof as it ensures consistency & reliability across products while offering speed and convenience to our customers.

Our Vision

Our Vision as a company is to expand regionally and globally after we gain recognition as the leading digital marketing agency in the local market. We aim on elevating the standard of digital media for both businesses and individual consumers, whilst providing economical and innovative solutions to our clients.

What Makes Us Different?


As a full-service digital marketing company, we emphasize focus on creating unique, customer focused designs and strategies for our clients. Repetitive, Generic & Common, are not in our vocabulary.

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Progressive Digital Strategy

To design a digital strategy for clients, we must first understand the client’s short and long term goals and objectives. Determining this will guide the direction and execution of a more forward-thinking digital strategy that allows for the use of the most effective tools and methodologies to achieve the desired result.

Client-Focused Design Solutions

We do not believe in the 'copy & paste' method of other design agencies. At Prysmal, we seek to provide our clients with solutions that are not only specific to their needs but possess a unique look and feel that is not captured by their market competitors.

Brand Focus

Branding stands at the fore-front of all our solutions. We seek to provide theme consistent, sleek, professional solutions that raise eyebrows and drop jaws. First impressions matter and we want them to be impactful and long lasting.

Targeted Marketing

We advertise and promote your products or services within your niche, to your existing, as well as potential customers. The goal is always to provide our clients with solutions where they only need to pay for the desired result, nothing more. This ensures that all our clients receive justifiable (ROI) return on their investment.

Client Satisfaction

A successful project ends with a satisfied client. Whether it is web design, or running Facebook ads, we seek to ensure that the client's objectives are achieved and they are duly satisfied with the end result. Then and ONLY then is the project successfully complete.